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November 21, 2022

Called And Whatsapp your sales person Jane @1100am , told me she is very busy…so whatsapp her but no response from her till Night.. i guess she didnt even go to the toilet or eat at all…will Inform Others of how badly Your Sales persons is..Talk rudely, hang up on customer, did not even reply to to customer.. should not support this kind of Company.Will review you guys on Google and Will Blog about Your company..

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June 30, 2022

If you’re like most companies, you are looking for ways to grow your Instagram @Instagram in order to get more sales and customers.

Did you know that there are agencies that offer 100% organic growth, powered by humans and not bots and fake accounts??

I wanted to introduce my favourite agency that won’t break the bank Social Growth Engine, with packages starting at just $87 a month (for a real person) it’s worthwhile to checkout. Read more at www.socialbusybee.com/instagram.

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Katy Trilly
June 4, 2022


We’d like to introduce to you our explainer video service, which we feel can benefit your site eazicarlease.com.sg.

Check out some of our existing videos here:





All of our videos are in a similar animated format as the above examples, and we have voice over artists with US/UK/Australian/Canadian accents.

We can also produce voice overs in languages other than English.

They can show a solution to a problem or simply promote one of your products or services. They are concise, can be uploaded to video sites such as YouTube, and can be embedded into your website or featured on landing pages.

Our prices are as follows depending on video length:

Up to 1 minute = $259

1-2 minutes = $379

2-3 minutes = $489

*All prices above are in USD and include an engaging, captivating video with full script and voice-over.

If this is something you would like to discuss further, don’t hesitate to reply.

Kind Regards,


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Rated 4 out of 5
March 10, 2022

Good job!